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There is a saying “when one door closes, another opens.”  For Carol Burger this couldn’t have been truer.  After spending twenty years in the hearing aid industry marketing hearing products on the wholesale level, it was time for a change.  “I always enjoyed contact with the owners of a practice.  I’m a people person.”  So, when the opportunity to own a business introduced itself to Carol, it was a natural fit.

Wadsworth Hearing has been in business for twenty years.  The previous owner wanted to pursue other opportunities and hired Carol to market the practice.  It didn’t take long to realize they had already found the buyer---Carol. She is a licensed hearing specialist. Wadsworth Hearing carries a full line of digital aids, as well as batteries and supplies.  The center also provides hearing evaluations and hearing aid repairs.

The wave of the future, as with most industries, is going digital.  These aids offer a crisper and clearer sound, and as with all aids, are smaller than those of the past.  Most people delay buying aids until their hearing loss becomes apparent to those around them.  Hearing loss can affect all ages, from babies to seniors.  A high percentage can be helped by hearing amplification.  The newer aids are much smaller and more discreet.  You could say “These are not your father’s hearing aids.”  But, much like a pair of prescription glasses, they will do you no good if you don’t wear them.

This is Carol’s specialty.  She will make sure her patients adapt them to their lifestyles and receive the most from their investments.  The first few weeks after purchase are important, as the patients adjust to their new-found sense of hearing in the world around them.  Of course, there is no charge for any follow-up in the first year when one purchases an aid.  It is very rewarding to see a patient get the full benefit from their aids.  Carol simply won’t allow them to have ITD’s (in the drawer) hearing aids under her watch.

And… do you like elephants?  Carol has been collecting elephant figurines and other artwork from all over the world. Her logo features one, and there is a sculptured elephant head, created by a local sculptor, hanging over her storefront.  Did you know that elephants are known for their acute hearing as well as their long memories?

If you think hearing loss is negatively affecting your life and those around you, call Carol for a free evaluation.  Her number is 330-336-8000 and Wadsworth Hearing is conveniently located in downtown Wadsworth at 102 Main Street in the First Merit Bank building.    All other days and hours are available by appointment.  Carol also offers home visits on Wednesday and Fridays.

Just look for the elephant!